NatHERS Certificate


Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

Every newly-constructed residential building, including apartments, multi-dwelling units, housing is given a certain rating that confirms the compliance with Thermal Comfort requirements, in consonance with the National Construction Code (NCC). The building envelopes must be constructed in full compliance with the National Energy Efficiency Requirements, and the NatHERS certificate confirms this status. In lay terms, the energy usage for heating and cooling in every new house is analyzed to confirm the energy efficiency of the building. The NatHERS certificate cost in Ecomaxhomes includes also the energy report with clear recommendations for saving energy and increasing comfort in the future home.

Depending on the climate zone across Australia, the requirements for achieving a Star Rating vary. In Ecomaxhomes we perform accurate NatHERS assessment taking into account all relevant parameters to produce the fullest report. We use FirstRate5 – a certified NatHERS assessor to design a precise model of the analyzed residential unit and define the expected indoor temperatures depending on the specific building characteristics. Together with the programmatic NatHERS assessment, we provide detailed recommendations regarding building specifications that influence heating and cooling processes (such as windows, building materials, various constructional elements). They may help to make the building more cost-effective, and at the same time fully compliable to the governmental requirements.

The following elements are considered:

Dwelling orientation
Type of construction
Building materials/windows/products
Size and function of rooms
Size and specification of openings

After the data input NatHERS certified software will model the building and calculate, what and how many heaters and coolers it may require to provide proper temperature comfort inside for the full years. The NatHERS checker analyzes the local climate and simulates, how it heats and cools the building each hour, each day of the year. The NatHERS assessor also takes into account the typical patterns of the building use. It does not analyze any electrical appliances, except ceiling fans (the airflow impacts they produce).

When the temperature inside the rooms becomes lower or higher in the comfortable region, the program simulates the need to heat or cool the air inside. It also considers the fact that at first, the house occupants will use windows, awnings, and blinds to reach the desired thermal comfort, and only after that use the heating or cooling system. The final estimations of annual heating and cooling requirements are converted to a rating from 1 to 10 stars. Ecomaxhomes provides a reasonable NatHERS certificate cost that also includes a detailed energy report with valuable insights.