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Building energy rating consulting and certificating

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Discover the comprehensive Basix services available across Sydney’s vibrant neighborhoods. From Basix Blacktown to Basix Parramatta, Basix Liverpool to Basix Hornsby, and Basix Strathfield, we ensure sustainable building compliance and eco-friendly solutions tailored to your needs.

We are experts in optimizing new or existing residential buildings in terms of energy and water consumption and make them fully compliant with energy ratings Australia set on the federal and state level (BASIX, NatHERS).

Whether you would like to make your home ‘green’, or wish to optimize energy and water use to cut the utility bills, or just need to get a proper house energy rating Australia has set for your type of building, we are ready to assist. We provide consultancy, training, and assessment services based on the latest standards and techniques in the construction industry to ensure maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and caring for the environment. While the commitments to BASIX certificates can cost quite a lot, we guide our clients step by step starting from the design stage to achieve maximum results at minimum efforts from your side.

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Energy efficiency consulting

Our goal is to obtain BASIX /NatHERS Certificate for your building projects and help to drive them to the highest performance standards, providing you with highly qualified energy rating consulting and guidance in the shortest possible time. After analyzing your project and simulating its operation under actual conditions we provide you with a detailed energy rating report to define the current rating and give recommendations to improve it and optimize your energy consumption capabilities.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is a global trend, and it is actually a great chance to say ‘thank you’ to nature and the environment. We strongly believe in these three Rs philosophy and follow it in every service we offer. If you follow it too, your energy ratings in Australia will become significantly higher.

Make the summer cooler and winter warmer with less energy

Build your home rationally based on our energy rating report recommendations to get the best combination of comfort and optimized energy intake.

Get the green light

Environmentally friendly lighting has gotten a bad rap. Many people insist the white light is too unappealing. But there are warmer tones of CFL light globes and those LED lights are perfect for bathrooms.

Build with sustainable materials

Using sustainable materials and proper ‘green’ techniques, you definitely make great input to the environmental security and increase your house energy rating Australia score.


BASIX, stands for the Building Sustainability Index, is an NSW governmental measure aimed to minimize energy and water supply, make it maximally effective in order to save natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas release across the state. You need to get a BASIX certificate, when building a new house or performing renovation at a budget $50,000+.


In Ecomaxhomes we perform accurate NatHERS assessment taking into account all relevant parameters to produce the fullest report. We use FirstRate5 – a certified NatHERS assessor.