Discover Basix Assessor services across Sydney’s key areas. From Basix Assessor Blacktown to Basix Assessor Parramatta, Basix Assessor Liverpool to Basix Assessor Hornsby, and Basix Assessor Strathfield, we provide expert assessments for sustainable building compliance and eco-friendly solutions.

Where we can help

  • BASIX certification of new single and multi-residential projects in NSW.
  • Certification assessment of NatHERS Star Ratings for compliance with the BCA (all States).
  • Alternate BASIX assessments for Heritage Buildings.
  • General design advice to help you maximize the thermal performance of your design concept.
  • Multiple staff availability when required for large or urgent projects.


BASIX, stands for the Building Sustainability Index, is an NSW governmental measure aimed to minimize energy and water supply, make it maximally effective in order to save natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas release across the state. You need to get a BASIX certificate, when building a new house or performing renovation at a budget $50,000+.


In Ecomaxhomes we perform accurate NatHERS assessment taking into account all relevant parameters to produce the fullest report. We use FirstRate5 – a certified NatHERS assessor.

Certificate cost

Every project is different and has its own variables. The cost of certifications also vary in accordance to the requirements of the project.

These are some base line indications to help you budget in advance for your certifications.

BASIX’s Thermal Performance section examines each dwelling’s energy efficiency. All residences-from single-level houses to large multi-level buildings may be measured using tools in software modelling. Inside BASIX, single residences may also be analysed using a DIY method.

Ecomaxhomes provides BASIX Certificates and analysis of thermal efficiency for houses, townhouses and apartments around NSW. BASIX, the Building Efficiency statistic, is designed to make ensure households in NSW consume less water and electricity and become more energy efficient.

New houses, multi-unit buildings as well as other renovations or alterations and modifications requires a BASIX Certification  as part of a construction, the certificate is lodged at DA stage. Our accuracy and attention to detail ensures that the design of your residence, addition / extension or commercial building is assessed by the approval of your building permit based on how the space will be used and used. And only after that will you be informed on design solutions that provide long-term savings (cost and energy) and comfort.

The estimated cost of Building Thermal Energy Rating certificate for:

  • Single Story building energy rating certificate $280
  • Double Storey building energy rating certificate $380
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Basix Assessor Parramatta<br />
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Basix Assessor Strathfield

Single Storey house Basix/ NatHERS Thermal Comfort Certificate is $350. This certificate is also known as a Certification of Thermal Efficiency or NatHERS Certificate.

BASIX ® Certificate related to a new double storey home, combined with a NatHERS Thermal Comfort Certificate, is $400.

The estimated cost of a BASIX ® certificate for Alterations & Additions from $100.

BASIX ® Certificate for new multi-storey/townhouses dual occupancy combined with a NatHERS Thermal Comfort Certificate, is $350.00 per certificate.

For more information go to the Government website for BASIX®.

NB: As of the 1st July 2011, the NSW Department of Planning in charge of BASIX® will impose a cost for generating a BASIX® Certificate, which in general will be $55.00 new homes plus a reduced fee per dwelling for Multi Units.

Plus from 30th September 2011 (was previously 1st August) the cost of $27.00 will apply to Alterations & Additions, plus Swimming Pools & Spas.

These Government charges will be additional to our prices, and include the required GST for our services.